Idiot Johnson
White Park Cattle. 
Grandson. 14/7/2013
In the early ’90s I was a child wedding photographer.
Yours truly in embarrassing grandad mode.
Seagull, Blackpool.
Art on Blackpool Promenade (ii).
Art on Blackpool Promenade.
The Big One, Blackpool Pleasure Beach (ii). 
"At its highest point above ground level, the ride reaches 213 feet (65 m) with the first drop measuring 205 feet (62 m). The first drop has an incline angle of 65 degrees and the usual maximum speed for the ride is 74 miles per hour (119 km/h)."
The Big One, Blackpool Pleasure Beach.
Big Blue Hotel and The Big One, Blackpool.
Daisies by the Lune.
Garden at Carr House Farm (vi): daisies.
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